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    Home life can be kept to a standstill when an appliance goes down. That’s why we at Dimax Appliance Repair understand how absolutely important it is to have your dishwasher working at all times. That’s why we offer same-day service to make sure your appliance is in optimal condition at all times

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    • We’re available for same-day service
    • We repair all major dishwasher brands
    • We provide exceptional quality service at an affordable price
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    Oleg is very reliable. We need our range hood to be installed at once and they came the next day. They are also very thorough and helpful on how to maintain and use the hood properly.

    Mark Gabriel / Google

    Very knowledgeable and friendly technician who know what’s he’s doing! Job well done for the repair of my old dryer. Hopefully it will last long time. I’ll definitely recommend to others!

    On Ni LAU / Google

    Amazing service. I have a dryer that is probably 20 years old and was working fine until it broke. I was not really looking to replace it and it was fixed with only a couple of hours labor and very reasonable.

    Mark Shnier / Google

    Expert Advice, Affordable Price

    We repair all major brands and types of dryers including Samsung and Whirlpool. Our technicians have seen every type of problem and are fully equipped with the knowledge and the training to repair any issue, no matter how big or small it may seem.

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    Dimax Appliance Repair is the top appliance repair company in the USA

    You Asked We Answer

    Depending on the make and model, the average life expectancy of a dryer is about 10-13 years. It’s recommended that to extend your dryer’s lifespan, you clean the lint trap regularly after every use.

    When it comes to reducing the energy consumption of your older dryer, you should ensure that your vent system is clean and that you do not overload your dryer.

    The most common problem in dryers that take a long time to dry is blocked venting hoses. When a blockage exists in the venting hose, this can have a significant impact on how fast your clothes dry.

    Make sure you pause your dryer in the middle of your cycle if you hear any unusual noises coming from it. Ignoring the noise can lead to major problems. The reason can be something simple like a foreign object in the drum. Whenever there is a problem with a dryer, such as a worn roller, a worn glider, or a damaged belt, it is best to contact a dryer repair technician.

    Ensure your dryer’s lint is clean after each cycle to avoid malfunctions and potential dangers.

    Be sure to pause your dryer if you notice any unusual noises in the middle of your cycle until you figure out what’s wrong with it. Ignoring the noise can lead to serious problems. The reasons can be as simple as a foreign object in the drum. The best way to fix a dryer issue that is complex, such as disintegrating gliders, worn rollers, or a damaged belt, is by calling a dryer repair technician.

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